Gene Therapy Research at St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Cancer Biology Program pic

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

A clinical pharmacist, Dr. Ashkan Khabazian works in the emergency room of Sharp HealthCare in San Diego, where his responsibilities include reviewing microbiology results and assisting with antibiotic drug selection. Additionally, Dr. Ashkan Khabazian donates to organizations including St. Jude’s Hospital.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital works to save children’s lives by finding cures for cancer and other diseases. The hospital is currently developing new approaches to gene therapy, which entails replacing defective genes with healthy versions. Gene therapy is still undergoing research studies, but it’s becoming more frequent in clinical treatments for certain conditions.

Currently, better gene therapy vectors are being designed. St. Jude has made a substantial impact on vector development by creating vector designs for their patients with acute conditions, such as hemophilia and severe combined immunodeficiency. These vector designs have already begun to make a significant improvement in the lives of patients who participated in the clinical trials involving gene therapy for blood and immune disorders.


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