Quality and Improvement at Sharp HealthCare Facilities

Sharp HealthCare pic

Sharp HealthCare
Image: sharp.com

With more than 15 years of pharmacological experience, Dr. Ashkan Khabazian holds a doctor of pharmacy and has residency experience in infectious diseases, ambulatory care, pharmacy management, and numerous other specialties. Currently, Dr. Ashkan Khabazian holds the position of emergency department clinical specialist at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, California.

Sharp HealthCare is a nonprofit health care provider with more than 2,500 affiliated doctors throughout seven hospitals and a variety of other facilities and services, including urgent care centers and skilled nursing facilities. Further, the organization offers specialized programs for eating disorders, pediatrics, senior care, and mental health.

Each of Sharp’s four acute-care hospitals is home to a 24-hour emergency room. One location is ranked in the top 10 percent of U.S. emergency departments, and another uses the Rapid Medical Evaluation method to ensure fast and accurate patient diagnosis and treatment. A third location (Sharp Memorial Hospital) serves as the designated trauma center for all of San Diego County.


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