Medications and Resuscitation

Resuscitation pic


A skilled pharmacist, Ashkan Khabazian supports emergency medical physicians by administering drugs used in resuscitation at Shape HealthCare. To train for his career, Ashkan Khabazian secured his doctor of pharmacy through the University of Michigan.

When a person’s heart stops functioning, doctors may begin a process called resuscitation. During the procedure, they rely on a variety of strategies to encourage the heart to pump. One of those strategies involves the use of certain drugs.

For example, physicians may administer epinephrine because the drug can increase blood flow to the heart. Atropine is another drug used during resuscitation, and helps boost heart conduction and heart rate.

Other drugs function on a more situational basis. Patients whose cardiac arrest is caused by certain antidepressant overdoses may benefit from sodium bicarbonate, for instance.

Though drugs are an important part of resuscitation, they work in conjunction with other key procedures. Defibrillation, the application of electric current to directly stimulate the heart, is one of the most effective tools, but its potency declines rapidly each minute after patients fail to register a pulse.


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